Best Linux distro privacy security


Best Linux distro privacy security

With the increasing number of hacker attacks and data theft attempts, privacy issues have become a concern for all users, even at the national level. While the Windows and Mac operating systems offer many additional security features, such as VPN, the Linux platform offers distributions for which total privacy is the main goal. But the ways to achieve it are different for all distributions, one thing we know for sure, these programs were designed to guarantee your security during online activities. In this article, we will take a look at the best Linux distributions. 

Linux Kodachi Overview

Linux Kodachi is a very flexible distribution that provides a set of complex customizable tools but remains straightforward. It comes with a bunch of different applications and you’re sure to find something useful there.

The way Kodachi works is that it redirects your connections to the Internet through a VPN and thus eliminates any surveillance or theft attempts.

In addition, the distribution also takes care of user security and provides a function AppArmor, which isolates applications, plus it includes a whole package of tools to ensure privacy.

Qubes OS Overview

Qubes OS is the most popular among users. It protects your data through isolation and cleverly uses an imaging feature to protect you from viruses.

This distribution puts individual applications in so-called cubes so that you can go online and be completely separated from any malicious attack attempts.

You will have to go through some training to use this distribution without any problems, but we assure you that there is nothing complicated about it. The program uses cube categories instead of application names and you just have to get used to it.

Septor Review

Septor is the latest and newest distribution from the entire list, which was created by Serbian developers and is designed for native Serbian speakers.

To build a wall of privacy between your accounts and malicious influences from the Internet, Septor moves all your Internet traffic through the anonymous Tor network. To use the Tor browser, the distribution also offers additional tools. For example, the OnionShare feature gives you complete anonymity while sharing files, and the Ricochet feature provides complete security while messaging.

Besides Tor, this program also takes care of cleaning up your system’s garbage and protecting your metadata.

Tails Review

Tails is a very famous distribution because of its excellent quality of providing privacy. It can be used via DVD, completely embedding itself in your system or “permanent” mode, encrypting its settings on a USB drive.

Data protection also takes place through Tor, which hides your identification data. In addition, Tails has many useful add-ons including:

  • KeePassX- password managers
  • Paperkey- a tool for exporting OpenPGP secret keys for printing on paper
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and LibreOffice- productivity applications

The applications described above are not the only ones that come with the installation of this distribution, you have many more applications to choose from. 

TENS Overview

TENS stands for Trusted End Node Security and comes from the U.S. Department of Defense itself. Its interface resembles the Windows system in many ways.

One of the features is the Encryption Wizard feature – it allows users to put files inside this program and set passwords on them. The distribution also uses the strongest encryption and password generation methods available.

What sets TENs apart from other programs similar to itself, it does not support the installation of additional applications and does not come with a package manager.

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