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Best Linux distro privacy security

With the increasing number of hacker attacks and data theft attempts, privacy issues have become a concern for all users, even at the national level. While the Windows and Mac operating systems offer many additional security features, such as VPN, the Linux platform offers distributions for which total privacy is the main goal. But the ways to achieve it are different for all distributions, one thing we know for sure, these programs were designed to guarantee your security during online activities. In this article, we will take a look at the best Linux distributions. 

Linux Kodachi Overview

Linux Kodachi is a very flexible distribution that provides a set of complex customizable tools but remains straightforward. It comes with a bunch of different applications and you’re sure to find something useful there.

The way Kodachi works is that it redirects your connections to the Internet through a VPN and thus eliminates any surveillance or theft attempts.

In addition, the distribution also takes care of user security and provides a function AppArmor, which isolates applications, plus it includes a whole package of tools to ensure privacy.

Qubes OS Overview

Qubes OS is the most popular among users. It protects your data through isolation and cleverly uses an imaging feature to protect you from viruses.

This distribution puts individual applications in so-called cubes so that you can go online and be completely separated from any malicious attack attempts.

You will have to go through some training to use this distribution without any problems, but we assure you that there is nothing complicated about it. The program uses cube categories instead of application names and you just have to get used to it.

Septor Review

Septor is the latest and newest distribution from the entire list, which was created by Serbian developers and is designed for native Serbian speakers.

To build a wall of privacy between your accounts and malicious influences from the Internet, Septor moves all your Internet traffic through the anonymous Tor network. To use the Tor browser, the distribution also offers additional tools. For example, the OnionShare feature gives you complete anonymity while sharing files, and the Ricochet feature provides complete security while messaging.

Besides Tor, this program also takes care of cleaning up your system’s garbage and protecting your metadata.

Tails Review

Tails is a very famous distribution because of its excellent quality of providing privacy. It can be used via DVD, completely embedding itself in your system or “permanent” mode, encrypting its settings on a USB drive.

Data protection also takes place through Tor, which hides your identification data. In addition, Tails has many useful add-ons including:

  • KeePassX- password managers
  • Paperkey- a tool for exporting OpenPGP secret keys for printing on paper
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and LibreOffice- productivity applications

The applications described above are not the only ones that come with the installation of this distribution, you have many more applications to choose from. 

TENS Overview

TENS stands for Trusted End Node Security and comes from the U.S. Department of Defense itself. Its interface resembles the Windows system in many ways.

One of the features is the Encryption Wizard feature – it allows users to put files inside this program and set passwords on them. The distribution also uses the strongest encryption and password generation methods available.

What sets TENs apart from other programs similar to itself, it does not support the installation of additional applications and does not come with a package manager.


Email security today: how did it change?

Email is one of the most vulnerable platforms that allows cybercriminals to operate unimpeded. For the most part, this is due to its unauthenticated domains, which allow criminals to impersonate another person. Since the quarantine, email has become a frequent method of transferring files between organizations and therefore data theft attempts have become even more frequent. Nevertheless, there are many pieces of software whose services include email security and in this article, we will discuss different ways to fight cyber criminals via it.

Email security ten years ago

E-mail is a revolutionary invention that has served as a means of communication between users from its inception until today. Billions of emails pass through the email network every day and the number of users increases every year. But because it is a rather old invention that was created almost half a century ago, the threats it faces can easily pass through it.

It used to be that emails were sent from companies’ servers through email, and the recipients of those emails could not even imagine that there was any kind of threat lurking in them, things were much simpler back then. And because of this simplicity, hackers didn’t have to work very hard to infect your computer system.

In all that time, email has been able to cope with spam, but threats such as viruses and phishing links still give the platform and its user many troubles which the platform itself cannot cope with. This is why email is still the site of the majority of cybercriminal attacks.

Email Security Today

The good news is that over the course of technological advances, protection and security have moved to the next level. Accordingly, the idea of protecting e-mail has gone ahead sharply. Users do not have to worry about how to protect their data in email because many antivirus programs provide reliable protection against phishing and ransomware. At the same time, the developers of e-mail themselves are not standing still. They are trying to get rid of the weakest point in the platforms: unidentified domains, which easily allow hackers to impersonate another user. Most phishing infections occur because the users who send you emails are not who they say they are.

With the User Identity Management feature, developers can significantly reduce fraud and focus more on email security with DMARC. With this development, an email will be able to recognize and remove phishing emails even before you have time to open them. And the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature helps keep users logged in to their account cleanly. Thus, the chances of stealing a personal or corporate account are significantly reduced if the user falls into the clutches of a phishing link.

Now developers began to understand that in order to secure the platform, they need to change the principle of the same protection. They have taken a step further by introducing different levels of security, as well as encryption functions, which are very important today for the secure transfer of valuable data.

After all, realizing that the platform is used by an unrealistic number of people, the administration must understand that at least basic protection methods must be present in the system.

So now e-mail is equipped with some security methods, which is very encouraging compared to what it used to be. However, this may not be enough for complete protection. Your best bet would be to get a high-quality antivirus, which services include tools to protect your actions in an e-mail.


How to use your amazon echo show as a home security camera

Security cameras nowadays are quite a useful and even necessary thing. So you can be safe for your home when you are far away and have complete control over the events taking place in your life. However, good security cameras cost a pretty penny, but if you have Amazon Echo Show at home then you are very lucky, because what’s the point of paying for something you already have? Yes, that’s right, this smart display can be used as video surveillance, and although it was originally only available on the latest version of the device, the developers have now implemented this feature in all models.

What does the Echo Show home monitoring feature do?

So how can video monitoring be useful from a device for which security was not the ultimate goal?  With this feature, you can watch your home live from any Echo Show camera through another one of the same cameras installed on your phone. Since this video camera was originally designed for video calling, it looks almost like a video call, only without your face in the top corner of the screen.

In addition, with the Fire TV feature, you can replay the footage through your TV. And if you own the latest version 10 of the Echo Show, you also have a rotating screen feature. To use it, all you have to do is slide your finger across the screen in different directions.

But of course, this method of video surveillance has its disadvantages. For example, it cannot notify about extraneous movements in the field of view of the camera, and the camera will not save the video footage, you will be watching the house only in real-time.

How to use home monitoring on echo show?

To use the smart display as a surveillance camera, turn on a special setting. To do this:

  • Go to the “settings” apps and click on the “Camera” tab
  • There you will see the “home monitoring” function with a lever next to it
  • Click on it to activate the function

If you are going to use a mobile gadget to monitor you will need to go to the Alexa app and again select the “Cameras” tab at the very top of the display. A new window will open in front of you with lists of cameras in your home that are suitable for the video monitoring function. You need to select the echo show and so the video monitoring will begin.

 For full monitoring, you will also need to turn on the sound and to do this click on the icons on the screen that are responsible for the microphone and speaker and you’re done. So you can talk to the person who is in the field of view of the camera, as well as zoom in and out of the screen. 

The echo show screen will display a message that the video is being monitored, and to stop this broadcast you only need to press the “stop” button on the left side of the screen.

If you want to use another Echo Show or another feature like Echo Spot or Fire TV just ask Alexa to show you the camera, say “Alexa show me” and the name of the desired device and camera channel.  Then the material will show up on your TV. 


This is how The VDR can prevent your business from data breach

Cybersecurity, computer security, or network security is basically the protection of computer networks and systems against information or computer misuse, computer fraud or damage of their hardware, applications, or personal electronic data, and from the damage or interruption of their services. 

There are many types of cybersecurity such as intrusion detection, authentication, and data encryption.

Intrusion detection is a type of cybersecurity that helps in the identification, prevention, and successful defense against external threats to a network. A lot of time and energy is put into preventing external threats. Many companies are constantly working on improving their internal network security so that this kind of threat is kept at bay. Identity theft is a major concern for most people today. By developing a strong identity theft prevention program, you are not only protecting your own information but also the information of countless others.

The prevention of cybersecurity risk starts with the identification of all known vulnerabilities in your system. Security flaws may be discovered along the way while you are carrying out some important tasks. The development and implementation of new programs and policies will help to keep these flaws at bay. If the attackers find out how to penetrate your system, you are putting yourself at risk. Therefore, you must take preventive measures and patch your system immediately if you detect any kind of threat.

While performing preventive measures to prevent cyber attacks, we need to secure our networks properly. The commonest method of doing so is firewalled. This has helped to protect computers all over the world. It works by maintaining a layer of security around systems so that hackers cannot simply send commands to servers or computers. Some other methods of preventing such attacks include creating different passwords for different services, monitoring your data room software activities, and getting anti-virus protection.

Another aspect of cybersecurity is awareness training for staff.

Most companies nowadays provide online training for staff so that they are aware of what they are doing whenever they are online. A lot of time should be devoted to educating employees about the risks of data breaches and the ways to prevent them. With the right awareness training, the number of data breaches in the office will drastically reduce.

Device security is another area in which we can strengthen our defenses against external attacks. By identifying the weak spots in your network, you can strengthen the security of all your devices. For example, you can get a locksmith to create a password lock for all your email accounts. You can also install firewalls on all the files that are normally accessed on your network. You should also avoid using your smartphone for anything other than checking email, accessing the internet or making quick, social media updates.

Your network infrastructure is very important when it comes to cybersecurity.

Proper firewalls and anti-virus software should be regularly updated. In addition to this, the devices used to transmit the information you are sending out should also be constantly monitored. In this manner, you can protect breaches in data transmission from causing major harm to your business.

As you can see, there are many cyber-security measures that you can take to protect your company’s confidential information and your computer infrastructure. Unfortunately, most businesses do not put much thought into their computer networks. They rely on external sources for their security needs and neglect their own IT systems. However, if you keep your guard up, you will greatly reduce the chances of a major data breach happening to your business.


A Philosophy of International Politics

Philosophy in the broadest sense is the study of the world as a whole. It seeks to discover the ultimate meaning of life and of the universe. Philosophers often think analytically and critically about basic issues such as democracy, propaganda, class warfare, human rights, the global environment, religious tolerance or ethical behavior. They often ask what these matters are, how they relate to each other, and how we should respond to them in our society.

Philosophy makes an important contribution to society by illuminating the patterns of societal organization and interaction. The best examples of this are in the areas of global justice and social science, with philosophy departments in most universities. These philosophers develop specific methods to deal with particular problems that arise in society. Most of these problems are caused by poverty, injustice, power, gender imbalance, environmental degradation, racial prejudice, and political/economic unjustices.

The goal of philosophy is the betterment of social life. It looks deeper into history and society to uncover the causes of wrongs, the practices that perpetuate them, and the means to overcome them. By increasing public awareness and concern for social problems, philosophers have helped turn philosophy into a positive influence on society. They have sought to answer questions that are often asked about why some things happen while others do not.

A good example is the work of Aristotle. Beginning in the 3rd century BCE, Aristotle sought to give a rationalistic explanation for the existence of moral facts. In his naturalistic philosophy, he distinguished between the physical world and the values derived from it, including virtue, beauty, goodness, truth, friendship, justice, courage, and virtue.

Many of today’s most prominent philosophers reflect the views of Aristotle. The social world, both within human societies and among the larger cosmos, is intimately connected with the philosophical view of the world. Philosophy helps us understand how we can know the truth about what exists and how we can use reason to know what is good or bad. By engaging in philosophy courses, graduates will be able to see how different perspectives about the world and its institutions contribute to understanding society as a whole.

Philosophy of law has long been regarded as one of the most important branches of philosophy. Just as it is with other branches of philosophy, law must be applied with a degree of objectivity in order to be examined effectively. While there are many different opinions about what the ideal type of legal system might look like, all agree that justice is the standard that society should aspire to. Philosophy of law attempts to explain how and why justice plays an important part in society, as well as how to apply and improve it. Philosophy of law helps students discover the relationships among justice, property and persons, in addition to identifying particular harms and the means to prevent them.

Philosophy of international relations generally addresses the causes of war and examines how to bring peace to the world. Many philosophers of international relations argue that the peace of the world can only be guaranteed through a process of diplomacy. In other words, the goal of philosophy of international relations is to help individuals and nations reach agreement on rules of conduct and diplomacy that they can use to ensure the security of their countries and the freedom of their citizens. Philosophy of international relations is particularly useful when combined with other courses, such as philosophy of law. This pairing of courses unites knowledge about international law and the practices involved in it with the ability to form alternative views on controversial issues that face humanity today.

Philosophy of politics requires that individuals and societies share certain beliefs about what is just and right. Philosophy of politics often brings into question the very basis of societal authority. By examining the ways that unjust beliefs are formed and the way that wrong ideas gain support, philosophy of politics helps people understand how to live together and peacefully coexist. By providing individuals with a sense of the foundations of right and wrong, philosophy of politics helps people learn how to respect one another.


Philosophy of Society Explained

Philosophy is often thought of as having two distinct approaches. The first is called fideism, which is also sometimes called postmodern philosophy. This school of philosophy examines philosophy from a post-Enlightenment, rationalist perspective, and examines how philosophy can help people live their lives better. For example, some philosophers who belong to this school of philosophy are Alas Meyer, Leo Tolstoy, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, and Thomas Nagy.

The other approach to philosophy is called naturalistic philosophy, and this school of philosophy examines philosophy from a naturalistic, anti-intellectual, and materialistic perspective. It is also anti-secular and anti-religious. Some philosophers who belong to this school of philosophy are Aristotle, David Rachman, Karl von Clausewitz, Harry Frankfurt, and Karl Popper. Some of the most influential naturalistic philosophers include Henry Darwin, Einstein, and Thomas Edison. The great philosophers of the twentieth century are Alfred North Whitehead, chunks of history, and stakeholder philosophy, among others.

Philosophy of law was developed by philosophers of the French enlightenment including Jean Bodet, Sigmund Freud, and Benedict XVI. The focus of this type of philosophy of law is to analyze social situations in the context of human rights and legal protections. Social philosophy and political philosophy are closely related but have different ways of organizing the ideas that they bring to bear on societal issues. The field of sociology uses many of the same approaches to philosophy of law, that the philosophers of the French enlightenment used to organize the methods of their thinking.

In addition to thinking philosophically about laws and societal circumstances, some social scientists argue that they should also think sociologically. They use both philosophy of law and sociology to construct descriptive theories about the processes of generating and communicating values, attitudes, and behaviors in the human mind. By studying human nature and the social construction of gender, power, place, and community, they attempt to describe the processes through which people modify their behavior. By studying these processes, the sociologists hope to provide insight into the process by which societies form and modify their legal and political systems, including its relation to social institutions and values.

Philosophers also study human nature, particularly psychology and sociology. In particular, philosophers of science argue that all of our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are shaped by the environment we live in, including the culture within which we grow up and the social interactions we have with others. They then go on to argue that all of these behaviors and thoughts have a wide range of causes and consequences that affect our personality, including both our strengths and weaknesses. By studying the various components of human nature, social scientists attempt to describe how the environment affects individuals, and how they may be able to adapt to it.

Social scientists also study how human beings interact with one another within a society. They look at the ways in which people relate to one another, as well as how they relate to society at large. By looking into how individuals relate to one another, they try to determine what kind of person they are and what kind of society they might develop. By looking into the ways in which other individuals interact with each other, they try to figure out the relationships between people, as well as how these relationships affect each individual.

Philosophy of science is not purely logical. Some philosophers of science argue that there is truth in some theories, but not in all of them. This may be because each theory is attempting to explain something that cannot be fully explained by any known process or theory. For example, the Theory of Relativity states that there is no way to accurately measure the speed of the earth. However, there are many physical phenomena that show evidence of accelerating objects, including the effects of gravity and quantum mechanics.

Philosophy of society was created to help explain the workings of society. In particular, it tries to explain what happens in a society through the actions of its human members. It also examines the ways in which society arises and why it exists, in order to give an account as to why it works the way it does. The study of society is an attempt to answer some of the most important questions that society’s members face on a daily basis. It seeks to provide answers to why society exists and how it relates to human beings.


Cyber security

Nowadays, it is easier to steal someone’s personal information, hack personal pages, steal vital information, or even someone’s projects. Of course, there are reasons why people do this, but to protect yourself, and your documents exist cyber security. This boardroom software provides all necessary information about cyber-attacks, cybersecurity analysts, data attacks, information security.  All you need is to have a clear mind and begin using this gain knowledge in real life.

Cybersecurity is the system that protects computers, networks, servers, mobile applications, and other stuff that connects with a computer from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is a vital part of the system that every company, a business must-have. Valuable cybersecurity has several layers of protection that are spread across all devices that people use it. It also decreases the possibility form cyber attacks. The importance of cybersecurity is immense. The different organization works and saves the crucial document in devices, also they exchange data information via networks to other devices, and their way of transmitting can be interrupted. To prevent this from happening you need cybersecurity. This is one of the keys to success. Cybersecurity can be divided into different subcategories: network security ( protects the network from unexpected attacks), application security (focuses on keeping secure programs on your device), information security ( protects data information), mobile security (deals with cell phones and other devices that need to be protected).

These are the most popular list of elements of cybersecurity.

Information security is used to protect all kinds of information from unauthorized access. The main principles of information security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Every element of information security should achieve its main tasks. If to do everything correctly, you will be sure that all documents and data are well-protected. Further, you will understand what the principle is responsible for.

A cyber attack is one of the illegal methods to break programs, steal something, or stop the program for an indefinite period of time. There can be many reasons for the attack, but how to protect yourself from it is the question. This board portals comparison presents examples of the most popular cyber-attacks. You will also know about the most common cyber-attacks. When you will know all these points it will be easier to protect and prepare.

Also, a cybersecurity analyst is a special well-educated person who will help your organization to be protected. As a cybersecurity analyst will aid in a variety of programs from illegal action. This boardroom software is a unique place where a lot of crucial information is presented. All you need to know about cybersecurity in detail. Every topic has in-depth analyses, so you will gain important knowledge. Also, here you can find examples and life histories that companies come across in this situation.